A SPLASH Junior Camp 2018 will be here shortly and the theme this year is Give IT Away! Jesus said that there was not greater love and for a man to lay down his life for a friend.  Then Jesus called you and I, friend, and laid down his life for us.  He gave it away.  Wow!  That kind of love is amazing.  To give your life away for others.  So we are going to talk about all the things that we can do to Give It Away.  This is going to be an exciting year and we hope that everyone will get involved and help us to Give It Away.  John 15:13 

Just a reminder! Everything you need for this year is located on the leader's page. And, your camp Speakers this year will be Bro. Steve and Bro. Adam. Both will be there for the entire week. Make sure you tell your kids. This is going to be a lot of fun. See you at Splash Camp!

Message to all Counselors - Come excited, prepared, prayed up and geared up for a great week. A lot of what happens will depend on you and your attitude. If you have a bad week, so will your campers. But if you come prepared to let God work in your heart, you never know what he might do in you and in your kids as well. This is going to be a great year so let's make sure we are ready and watch all that God can and will do!

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